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The MHD Training Center has been designed primarily to serve as an educational institution that assists, fosters, cultivates and contributes to the development of our parent Organization MHD LLC. The Training Centre provides a comprehensive range of courses that cater for all the requirements of the various divisions of MHD LLC. These requirements have been assessed as meeting the quality and standards of the organization to ensure scientific methods of work are in place to meet all operational requirements.
The centre was upgraded to an Institute in June 2008 and henceforth kept pace with technology and training demands through a series of upgrades and modernization programmes.

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The Training Institute ensures that it efficiently meets the needs internal and external customers via effective monitoring of quality and the use of management systems that accurately identify training needs and solutions.

The Institute has sufficient spare capacity in terms of space and resources to facilitate any additional demands that may be placed on it. Subject to sufficient numbers, courses can be tailor-made to meet individual training needs.